Exploiting PHP Upload forms with CVE-2015-2348

4:06 AM

Today I would like to post about a recent bug I have found in PHP, CVE-2015-2348.
This bug is fairly severe. (considering the amount of developers affected).
I have to admit checking the file extension and saying a file is safe can still cause many
other security issues. However, checking for this exact vulnerability in your code is pretty
unrealistic, considering it can pass the Content-Type, Extension, Mime type, size checks...
etc won't save you from this.

The issue occurs in the very popular move_uploaded_files php function that is used to handle
uploaded files most of the time. This function checks to ensure that the file designated by
filename is a valid upload file (meaning that it was uploaded via PHP's HTTP POST upload
mechanism). If the file is valid, it will be moved to the filename given by destination.


move_uploaded_file ( string $filename , string $destination )

The problem with it is that there is a way to insert null-bytes (fixed multiple times before,
i.e: CVE-2006-7243). Using null-bytes an attacker can convince an upload box to ignore
extension checks and that the file is fairly safe and valid and upload malicious files that
can cause RCE. using the character \x00

I am going to take DVWA for an example here. DVWA's highest level is meant to be unbroken
for number of issues. the high upload box is meant to teach developers the safe way of handling
a safe upload. Lets just exploit that.

Here is the code snippet from https://github.com/RandomStorm/DVWA/blob/master/

$uploaded_name = $_FILES['uploaded']['name'];
$uploaded_ext = substr($uploaded_name, strrpos($uploaded_name, '.') + 1);
$uploaded_size = $_FILES['uploaded']['size'];

if (($uploaded_ext == "jpg" || $uploaded_ext == "JPG" || $uploaded_ext == "jpeg" ||
$uploaded_ext == "JPEG") && ($uploaded_size < 100000)){

if(!move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploaded']['tmp_name'], $target_path)) {

$html .= '';
$html .= 'Your image was not uploaded.';
$html .= ''; }
else {
$html .= $target_path . ' succesfully uploaded!';

This is yes vulnerable to number of exploits (like XSCH, XSS and more), but not RCE.
Because since PHP 5.3.1 Null bytes are deprecated.

The problem with DVWA is that its passing user provided name to the move_uploaded_file()

Expected behavior for PHP to create:


That file should have created the file "file.php\x00.jpg"

Reality creates: file.php

This clearly bypasses the extension check. It has been proven many times the GD libraries
can also be defeated ( getimagesize(), imagecreatefromjpeg()... ),
read this by @secgeek for example.

Now even if you have had done multiple checks for this, it will be highly unlikely you blacklisted
the char \x00 so most upload forms running PHP before 5.4.39, 5.5.x before 5.5.23, and 5.6.x
before 5.6.7 are vulnerable for this particular attack.


If you are on a vulnerable server, update homie!

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  1. Great finding (y)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. why my comment removed it really doesn't work on php 5.5.14 ! you only want hats off and nice job ? what environment did you test on ?

    2. Hey sorry.

      I didn't mean to remove your comment, sorry I taught you were trolling. I haven't tried this null byte injection in Mac. I know for a fact this won't work on windows because windows can't create filenames with \ in them to begin with. Anyway, I have tested it and looks like you were right. the $_FILES['uploaded']['name'] truncates the null bytes. that isn't meant to happen. My point was indicating move_uploaded_files(). That is probably another bug $_FILES['uploaded']['name'] is also swallowing nullbytes, but could be intentional.

  3. I wonder how can you exploit it on dvwa ??? (test on php 5.3.3)
    On variable $_FILES['uploaded']['name'], null byte was truncated, so the variable $uploaded_ext will be ".php", unable to pass through the first "if" statement.

    1. refer to the reply before yours!

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  6. Hello I was try it on Metasploitable 2, when uploading file named shadow.php\x00.jpg process succes, but the file saved as x00.jpg not shadow.php
    what should I do?

    1. You didn't do anything wrong. we just recently figure out some versions of PHP also do truncate the file name before the if statement (check the commentes). don't know which exact versions. But apparently Metasploitable must be one of them.

  7. Nice post! it was helpful!

  8. on php 5.3.5 and works fine & thanks for sharing.

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