Okay Photoshop Skills

3:48 PM

Well, a heads up, this isn't one of the security articles I do; infact, this is much of a personal reminder that I might look up in 10 years and so and say "look, I wasn't that bad." or atleast "I tried";

Just like every story, it happened a long time ago. so, a long time ago, I used to like Graphics, I still do. Especially if it is a motion graphics. I am familiar with most of adobe products like After Effects and Premeir Pro, but not Photoshop. so, this is going to be, umm, the legacy, of me taking to Photoshop.

So, after a friend accidentally left her phone in my room, I found some pictures of her (nice pictures, if you know what i mean? :P). and taught 'what the hell', let me edit some of those; would kill me time.

Not bad right?    

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  1. Haha. Interesting Talk.

  2. Tell you what, keep this editing job up and you might end up being bigger than you tauhgt

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