18 Years: Becoming the Adult!

12:28 PM

Let me start this just by saying: Happy birthday to me. This post can go both ways:

  1. Me yelling “Yeah, finally!”
  2.  Or me being sad and saying “No longer a child, I have to make responsible choices, which sucks”

Either way: today is my birthday. My 18th. Which is kind of both: scary and exciting. At 18 you officially become an adult. You can be treated in a completely different way, not just by your parents, but by employers, the government and the law.

So it’s kind of a big deal. not for me, but for multiple people/things. And maybe something to look back on and tell stories about. Well the truth is, I really couldn't give a shit. 

Being -18: a lot has happened, and 17 was the year I evolved, I got into maturity (and fireage). I really got into web security, hacking and proving theoretical staff. 

This blog also was revolutionary: in the shortest time this is up, I have met incredible people, shared some ideas, and ofcource $$’d with it. 

I was being treated quite differently because of my age, some think I can’t handle a job. Some would say I am “interesting person” they have ever met. Some even dared to call me a Prodigy. Although I don’t agree with being a prodigy, I might say I am slightly different: speaking relatively to the environment I live in. But now...

Am I old? Do I lose all the mistreatments I used to get? I really hope not!

I hated people; I tried to stay as far away from them. (that sentence doesn’t apply for girls). I think I am quite friendly now. At my 17th birthday, I went out: met new people and what you know… great people. I tried again at school but that sucked! That was the lesson: the environment defines people. Being cool at some places is being cool for real; at some: bullying me somehow had worked out for them. (although I find ways around them). 

Although I never did: I just heard I can’t have sex with an underage girl. Or the court says 20 years or imprisonment: which I think is rough, because why would they do that. It’s not like you rape her if she is into it. If she got pregnant: her son would like to meet his daddy. Nevermind that. It was way offtopic.
And yes, I will start drinking (just to try it, or who knows). I guess what I am trying to say is: if you are those people who threats me like shit because of my age, which just faded away. If you are a friend: No one was invited. I didn’t celebrate shit; (Infact a girl reminded me it was my BD)! If you consider me relatively clever: I think you should keep doing that. Because nothing is changing!

Age is just a #. It can’t pretty much define anyone. Although older people are much more matured and better experienced, it can’t say those who are not older are as dumb.

I hope to make it a fun year, for me and people around me.

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