Revolutionize Eskesta into Electronic music

2:20 AM

I always wonder, wonder why Eskesta is what it is today. I mean, it’s a great *dance*, I Just don’t understand why use it with a music that is irrelevant to the motion.

If you ever see these Eskesta videos in any Amharic Music, they are brilliant. It does not look an old 1700’s traditional dance move.
Infact, it competes with the current advanced robotics dance moves.

But no, none have I seena video that actually goes with the rhythm. I wonder why no one tried to advance Eskesta into the next level. And I dare say,(I|Am I?)the(first?) person to try.

Generally speaking it’s a dance of rapid vibration of the physique. In urban places, this is called Robotix. But in Ethiopia, Eskesta is the traditional dance. I mean, I think the motion is great. The song we play in background, it is not. I believe the future of Eskesta should depend on Electronic Music.

I know most people are not going to accept this *idea* as it is. It’s plausible considering it has been the traditional dance of Ethiopia since a while back and people expect it to behave the same way it always have been, with slow (gesturing) music in background and fast shoulder moves. I disagree. 

I hope this will change some people’s understanding towards Ethiopian music and encourages them to make something better. I hope great producers grasp a hope for the transformation of Eskesta with advanced Music in the future.

I am not a great producer, sound maker or editor. But to prove my point, I have made a demo video on how a simple Electronic beat can be transformed into a (breathtaking!) dance move. (Sorry for not providing the best quality, there just has been too much rendering and I got tired.)

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  1. its not a vey bad idea man

  2. Furthermore, no doubt, there are still individuals today living in the old worldview. They live in a universe of hairsplitting, rivalry and threatening vibe. When they play music, they are unequipped for seeing anything besides their own specialized imperfections.

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  4. Well, the combination of techno electronic music and tribal dance is pretty interesting. Not sure if it is my style, or if I'll be listening to it more, but it opened for me a new field of music. Maybe I can open something new to you with the reviews? Check it please, sure it will interest you.


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