Photoshop: You scary weak bastard

3:48 PM

Well, a heads up, this isn't one of the security articles I do; infact, this is much of a personal reminder that I might look up in 10 years and so and say "look, I wasn't that bad." or atleast "I tried";

Just like every story, it happened a long time ago. so, a long time ago, I used to like Graphics, I still do. Especially if it is a motion graphics. I am familiar with most of adobe products like After Effects and Premeir Pro, but not Photoshop. Photoshop just scares the shit out of me, its black. too many buttons and tabs. I feel like I have to study it in 4 years college course or something.

But, After playing with my internet modem I blogged about rooting in my previous post (ZTE), I figure out how to make it sabotage it self remotely. wait, wait, sabotage? it self? remotely? Ya, possibly causing a flame, cool eh? I believe posting the technical details on how to make any ZTE modem make flame and explode remotely is a terror act, IT IS. so I decide to keep them private, atleast for now.

So Just like that, my internet was out; I had to make my modem explode to make sure the exploit works. so 14 days far away from the internet, a complete blackout. I even almost skipped the #ShellShock bug.

I believe life is easier when Internet is with you, trust me with this. I didn't have to go to friends house and call people when it works. but those 14 days, I coudnt sleep, I coudnt breate (at one point, it is true :P ), and I can't pretty much think right (wondering what is going on the security world and Facebook).

So, after my friend accidently left her phone in my home, I found some pictures of her (nice pictures, if you know what i mean? :P). and taught 'what the hell', let me edit some of those; would kill me time. and since then, I had fun.

for those of you who hate Photoshop before trying, trust me "ITS EASY AS SHITTING!". Two days later, I became the guru of PS, I start making unbelievable pictures.

Conclusion: If you, ever get scared of something before even trying, its because you can do it, and that was a joke :P. You probably can't do it. But seriously, take a deep breath, relax and try it. if its a girl, ask her out. what is the worse that can happen, she saying NO? Pfff. Do it!            

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  1. Haha. Interesting Talk.

  2. Tell you what, keep this editing job up and you might end up being bigger than you tauhgt

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