It Begins.

10:15 PM

My name, as the blog implies, is Paulos Yibelo, and I am interested in application security. I am obsessed with finding & exploiting security bugs, some for clients & some for fun. some I can share and some I can't. I occasionally do bug bounties & source-code audits.

Here, I will try to talk about anything I think that is worth mentioning mainly focused on web-application security. I won't be giving tutorials here, but publications of recent security findings & personal ramblings. I will also try to talk about security that I think is/has been more of alternative to the other bug classes. This is a blog on exploiting bugs that aren't talked about as often as they should be, but yet have serious consequences.

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  1. keep doing whatever the hell you are doing and people like you (only you) can change the world, the new generation is screwing up our life, i am screwing up our life, my life!

    nice blog! keep up!