Geek & Proud: Introduction(s) - Paulos Yibelo

10:15 PM

My name is Paulos Yibelo, and I am not your “normal” teenage dude. But I guess is that such a thing? Every life has rules, traditions, friends and enemies, sheer terror and incredible joy but I’ve learned… nothing. Well at least don’t apply what I’ve learned, so it’s pretty much nothing considering nothing.

Here, I will try to talk about anything I think that is worth mentioning mainly focused on web-application security. all I am trying to do is try to make you know me more before starting to read my nonsense. What I will be talking however might not be compatible with complete skids who don’t know the basics of security since I will not to talk about basic SQLi/XSS since the entire internet is occupied of that. I will however will go in-depth those and I will talk about security that I think is/has been more of ‘alternative' to the other bug classes. This is a blog on exploiting bugs that aren't talked about as often as they should be, but yet have serious consequences.

From the community of security I have both made enemies and well, amazing friends too. Some of them *might* be invited here to post (I don’t know if any will do). So well come, I may forget I have a blog after my 3rd or 4th post but let’s hope we don't come to that and get this thing started.

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  1. keep doing whatever the hell you are doing and people like you (only you) can change the world, the new generation is screwing up our life, i am screwing up our life, my life!

    nice blog! keep up!